March 28, 2014

Waxxie – Ratchet Music Released by Buygore Records

Ratchet Music Artwork

This LunchTime Legend produced banger released a couple of days ago by Buygore Records already has over 28,000 plays!! Ratchet Music features a new flow from Waxxie along with a guest verse from Grafik. Check it out below and let us know what you think!





December 2, 2013

Trickle Down Truth’s NorthBound Review

glenn waco nwhiphopfest

“While “Bottle N’ a Sac” and “Humble” steal the show, there are more than enough other standout moments to get your iTunes play count up.” - Bruce Poinsette

The good folks at Trickle Down Truth reviewed Glenn Waco’s NorthBound. Check out what they had to say about NorthBound and the LunchTime Legends produced tracks on the album! Our brother Glenn Waco is receiving everything he deserves right now!



July 14, 2013

Week 2 in New York



From Manhattan to Brooklyn, Brooklyn to Queens and finally Queens back to Manhattan. This may only seem like words to some but for my people back home let me put this into context for you. This is equivalent to traveling from North Portland to Clackamas, from Clackamas to Downtown PDX then back to the North on the max (actually a bit longer). This is how my week began. There were meetings in Brooklyn, amazing eats in Queens and a bed in Manhattan.


After all of that traveling I was sure my day was over but then I received a message from a friend saying check out their flyer on instagram. It read: “Infamous Mondays w/Prodigy @ The Fat Buddha Bar.” So within 15 minutes of being home, I was back out and about on my way to the Fat Buddha bar.  I had a great time there and posted a picture at the end of the night that said it all (courtesy of instagram).



The next day I received a response to an email I had sent out over the weekend. The Marketing Director at SkyeLab Music Group, a company headed by Arty Skye, would be giving me a call in an hour. For those of you who don’t know, Arty Skye has worked on projects for Brandy, Will Smith, Madonna, SWV, Babyface, Sisqo, Kelly Price and Cool and The Gang to name a few (Some of these albums have gone 4x Platinum).  Long story short, I was offered the Project Management Internship with their company!



Wednesday Involved planning our trip to the DMV and packing. Nothing too exciting on this day besides making our way over to the Port Authority at 2am for a 3:15am departure to Washington DC, which was delayed for an hour……


Thursday – Sunday


We had an amazing time in the DMV. We literally touched all 3 states within 30 minutes! This may not seem very exciting to people on the east coast but those in Oregon understand. We can drive for 5-10 hours and still be in one State. On Thursday we got settled in, had a cook out and went down to DC to watch the firework show. On Friday we chilled with family and had another cook out. Saturday we saw all of the monuments, the white house and chilled with my production partner Paul Lindsay in DC and Virginia. Then departed back to New York on Sunday.


I try to keep these short but a lot happens. The beginnings of the weeks tend to be elaborate and then I end up compressing the rest so people don’t feel overwhelmed! If you all would like to hear more about any day or event let me know in a comment below!

July 4, 2013

Mac Billz – Crazy Official Video

Mac Billz - Crazy
Mac Billz drops a visual for the LunchTime Legends produced track “Crazy”. Check it out here!!



July 3, 2013

First Week In NYC

It’s 6:27am but my phone is still displaying 3:27am. Pulsing pains creep up my back and crooked neck from the “comfortable” seats of the plane as the attendant announces, “You have now arrived in New York City! Welcome!” People instantly began to scatter out of their seats as if the contagion known as the “New York minute” had hit them as fast as our clocks would change to EST. As I kicked about under the seat in front of me for my shoes, Zanele said good luck to the hopeful University of Oregon graduate that had booked herself a 1 way with ticket with a dream of making it in the interior design industry. After a trek through the airport, a cab trip turned sight seeing experience and a little over an hour, we had finally made it into the place that we’ll call home for the next 2 months.

Our tired bodies (from all of the late nights, planning, packing and cleaning leading up to our departure) were screaming for a break but our minds wouldn’t allow it. Thank god for our passion and persistence because our night entailed us chilling with a lot of cool people. The weekend consisted of sight seeing, getting familiar with our surroundings, rest and emails. Not bad for the first week, even if it was only four days!

-Drae Slapz

July 3, 2013

Wale Gets First #1 As J.Cole Tops Ye

Wale gets his first #1 album with his third studio effort The Gifted. Selling over 150k, he topped J. Cole’s 84k and Kanye West’s 66k. Check out his tweet to his fans after the news and him breaking down the album to Billboard below.




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